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Analyze the main details and then come to the right decision. With the best animal slippers, you can reach your legs and stay happy with the comfort the slipper should bring. No doubt, they are a lot of fun to wear too. So how does the class break down?A look at the players who make up the incoming class:This category is for players who could step into starting roles (or close to it; let’s say 20 plus minutes per game) and be positive difference makers on some nights.Nick Blake, Guard, 6 foot 6Blake is a true freshman, but after prepping for a year at a top tier program like IMG Academy he should be ready to help the Rebels immediately. He’s long, he’s smooth on offense and he appears to be coachable. Otzelberger goes back to the four guard lineups that worked so well for the Rebels at the end of last season, Blake looks like the obvious option to run alongside backcourt starters Marvin Coleman, David Jenkins and Bryce Hamilton.Edoardo Del Cadia, Forward/center, 6 foot 7As I said in this video analysis of Del Cadia, the Rebels were severely underskilled in the frontcourt last season.

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