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Don’ t misunderstand, I own several pairs myself, but I also frequent the beach. You won’t see me wearing them to my office where I meet with clients, and I certainly will not commit the fashion faux pas of pairing them with a classy dress. I was shocked to see that very thing in a local government office.

Just before the turn of this century,Microsoft released MapPoint, a mapping software that helps your team navigate unfamiliar sales territories. MapPoint grew from a consumer version launched in 1988 by NextBase, a group of promising software developers working out of their garage in the UK. In 1994, Microsoft purchased the software originally built to run on DOS computers..

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Lehigh Valley Grand Prix last day in operation was March 16. His staff went on unemployment March 17 until he received a federal Paycheck Protection Program loan April 15 and brought them back on to deep clean the facility and work toward reopening. He expects to have to wait until Lehigh County enters the green phase of Wolf three tiered reopening plan..

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