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Owners want players to agree to a 50 50 split of the revenue that comes in this year when the games start, because they are expecting huge hits to their profits with potentially no or few fans in the stands. The owners proposed a plan that would restart spring training in June with a target date of opening the regular season on July 4. Union chief Tony Clark has already signaled this would not be acceptable, stating the players already agreed to a deal in March that would pro rate their pay based on how many games are played.

He played running back for the University team between 1967 8. In 1967 he ran for 1451 yards and scored 11 touchdowns. Again, in 1968, he led the nation, running 1709 yards.Simpson was a key player in what is regarded as one of the greatest American football games of the 20th century.

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At 4:45am on February 21, 2009, Charlotte Williamson saidIn defense of my opinion regarding the trashing of good books into movies: I turned on my computer this morning, and guess what popped up on MSN? An article entitled,”How Hollywood takes good books and makes them into bad movies.” Talk about poetic redemption of my opinion!! You ought to read the article. The Richard Chamberlain movie was lots better than Matt Damon. Why does Hollywood seem to think we need all of that violence, sex, and bad language.

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