The problem, however, is that to successfully run a

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wholesale jerseys The fact that restaurants are continuing to suffer, in other words, has everything to do with government restrictions on how many can eat out at a time.Data from the National Restaurant Association shows that the restaurant industry as a whole lost an astounding $80 billion in revenue during the months of March and April, mid March being the time when most states began to shut down in response to the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID 19).During the month of April alone, the hospitality industry saw a record five million jobs lost, meaning five million people who could have been serving patrons willing to brave the pandemic are now unemployed indefinitely.But they were still allowed to serve take out, right? In many cases yes, assuming this was allowed under state and municipal guidelines. The problem, however, is that to successfully run a kitchen it takes a lot of manpower, not to mention enough supplies to make a variety of meals, which many restaurants simply could not provide with very limited service capacity.Even with the lockdowns being somewhat lifted in many areas it is still not enough for these businesses to survive, let alone thrive.are complicated beasts, says OpenTable CEO Steve Hafner. Have to order food and supplies. wholesale jerseys

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