The only other power hitter to come close to that is

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But the future is not preordained. Piketty’s earlier blockbuster, “Capital in the Twenty First Century,” was best known for its claim that r > g: that the rate of return on investments (r), in most periods of history, is higher than the rate of economic growth (g), and the very rich will become inexorably richer as has indeed been occurring for most of our lifetimes. One of the most trenchant critiques of that book was that r > g is not an ineluctable law of nature but a result of specific economic and political institutions.

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Enter Marion (Karen Allen) as his gutsy former lover turned partner, a woman who holds her own against killers, conspirators, and all things evil. A Princess Leia for the 1930s. Powers that be are taking the stance that time is needed to pull the Iraq debacle together.