Lisle third baseman Alec Van Volkenburg puts the tag

So for every one of us, our lives personally and at work will likely change quite a lot.”Many people are waiting for things to go back to normal as soon as it is safe. But some things have likely changed for good particularly when it comes to the way we work.More remote workingThis is the first time many people have had to work from home and the first time a lot of companies have had to embrace flexible working. While some firms will want employees to head back to the office as soon as they can, others are most likely going to encourage flexible working arrangements.READ MORE: What might social distancing look like in the workplace?”Flexible working where traditional hours of 9 5 or 8 6 will be less prevalent and vary according to the needs of the business and the requirements of workers,” Kwong says.

“It’s a positive thing for us that we’ve been through it, we know how to handle it. It’s good; we can use that as experience,” Backstrom told NBC Sports Washington’s Rob Carlin just before the start of Round 1. Where once there was trepidation, there’s now only eagerness.

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