If you’re hanging out with friends

Hosted by Business Projects Editor Carol Coultas. Carol Coultas has been practicing journalism in Maine since the mid ’80s and focusing on business journalism since 2003. She oversaw an award winning staff as the business editor at the Press Herald from 2014 to 2019.

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Let’s start with how stars are named. Most of the brightest stars have proper names that date back centuries to a time when ancient civilizations believed their fate lay in the heavens. Many of the names have their origins in the Greek and Arabic languages.

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“I’m just kind of going through my routine day by day,” guard Marcus Smart said, “just doing everything I can to stay on track with making sure my immune system is well, my whole body’s well, just keeping myself and everybody safe around me.”Added Walker, “Obviously, I don’t want to catch it. None of us do. So I think we’re all being more cautious of our surroundings.”.