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Anyone familiar with Scranton basketball knows that no matter how many times we get knocked down, we always get back up again. Monday night we did just that. Visibility at the Cliffs of Moher during our day travels closely resembled the fog, rain, and cloud coverage we’re so used to in Scranton.

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Now, fare evasion there and elsewhere happens regularly in their absence. The spike in subway crime comes as no surprise to me. Criminals will fill the space law enforcement abandons each and every time.. It is crucial that economic growth drivers such as these cities no longer merely respond to the pandemic. Data analytics, linking positive cases to specific RA and NRA types will enable municipalities to identify priority areas, roll out pre emptive monitoring and containment measures, allocate limited resources in a targeted way and adopt a quick footed response to the Covid 19 pandemic. At the same time, cities must start the process of aligning development priorities and budgetary allocations towards the rehabilitation of these unplanned areas to enhance living conditions of city residents..

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Reports of death now dominate the headlines. More than 88,000 Americans have died from the coronavirus, and public health experts agree that the end is not in sight. No matter how much our society discriminates, a virus observes no social or economic boundary.

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